Opening of railML files

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Opening of railML files
This page refers to version 1.04 of railVIVID®.
Therefore the content is possibly outdated.
The current version is 1.21.

Opening of railML files

When initially using the programme or when wanting to load a new railML file select the button 'Open file...'. For the selection of the desired railML-file the file-open dialog of your operating system will open. (see illustration "File-open dialog with data type filter"). When initially using railVIVID the button 'Open file...' will always refer to the installation directory. However from the second start of railVIVID the most recently opend directory will be preset. If this directory should not be available any more, e.g after removing a flash device or the inaccessability of an external server, the installation directory will be automatically refered to.

In the file-open dialog it is possible to structure the following, different data types with the help of a filter:

RailML all files that end with .railml, .railmlx or .xml
Archive all files that end .zip
All Files                                all files

File-open dialog with data type filter

Selct the desired file and click 'Open' .

Warning 'Wrong data type'

Depending on the type of the selected file the following process will occur:

File without railML data the warning 'This data typ is not supported' will show up
railML file with corresponding structure corresponding menu bar items will be activated
railML file without corresponding xml-structure the warning 'Parsing failed' will show up
ZIP-Archiv that contains only one railML file corresponding menu bar items will be activated
ZIP-Archiv, that contains more than one railML file                                                  for the selection of the desired railML file out of the archive a dialog window will open - should some railML files be integrated in others select the root file to gain complete programme functionality.

Available buttons to open a railML file

If the work with railVIVID is interrupted and the application is terminated their is the possibility of restoring the most recent programme status, without selecting a specific file path. Select the button 'Open last file' after a restart of the application. Generally all opended application windows will be shut down when laoding a new railML file.