Menu bar item Validator

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Menu bar item Validator
This page refers to version 1.04 of railVIVID®.
Therefore the content is possibly outdated.
The current version is 1.21.

Menu bar item Validator

Menu bar item 'Validator...' with button 'validate'

After opening a railML-file the menu item 'Validator...' will become sensitive. If the users clicks on the button 'Validator…' the corresponding dialogue will open in the control window as well as the associated application window. By clicking the button 'Validate' the application window will be opended on the right and the railML-file will be validated against the official railML-schema. Afterwards the validation result will be displayed in the application window.

If the examination shows that the railML-file is not valid against the schema, the users has the possibilty to display the contained errors in a structured format.

After the validation, the button 'Validate' becomes insensitive until a new railML-file is opened.

Control and application window 'Validator...' with validation result

More information about the function and content of the application window 'Validator…' can be found in the chapter Application window Validator.