Menu bar item Settings

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Menu bar item Settings
This page refers to version 1.04 of railVIVID®.
Therefore the content is possibly outdated.
The current version is 1.21.

Menu bar item Settings


Menu bar item 'Settings'

This menu bar item of the control window is used for all general configurations that refer to the application windows. In the following subchapters the different configuration possibilities will be described in deatil.


Selection of the language

All texts and buttons of the application can be illustrated in the languages German, English, Czech, French, Spanish and Norwegian. The realisation of the change of language is conducted immediatley.
Further languages can be implemented easily with corresponding language files. If you wish further information about the language extension please contact the developers of the application.

Birne.png Hint: The content of the displayed railML file will remain in the original language. Configurations of the language only refer to the programme level of railVIVID.

Main colour

Selection of the displayed main background colour

The design of the application can be customized by the selection of a personal background colour. This setting affects the control window as well as the frame of the application windows. The implementation of the colour change will take place immediatley. The colours of tables and graphics contained in the application windows can not be changed. Your personal background colour can be selected in the corresponding menu bar item. The desired colour can be selected from preset colours or customized by chooosing 'Custom colour...' .

Birne.png Hint: Please pay attetion when changing the colours. Texts and lines may "vanish" if they have the same colour as the background.


Save programme settings in ini-file

All settings can be saved as an *.ini-file and therefor transferd to a second computer. During the normal usage it is not necessary to save the settings, as they are automatically saved in the local "user registry". railVIVID automatically loads the most recently used settings if the programme is launched at the same computer by the same user.

If differnet programme configurations are saved in diffferent ini-files in one system or if the saved programme settings of a second computer should be taken over, select the button 'Load ini-file' to adjust the settings.

In order to save programme seetings in a seperate file, e.g. to transfer to a second computer, select the button 'Save ini-file' .

If an ini-file is saved in the preset directory (default), it will be deleted automatically when uninstalling the software (see chapter Deinstallation). Otherwise the ini-file will be kept when unistalling the programme.


Information about content of railML-file in pop-up window

If the submenu Info-popup is activated (button 'on' will be displayed in dark gray), a pop-up window will appear after the successful loading of a railML-file. In this window the content of the selected railML-file will be diplayed summarized. With the help of the buttons 'on' and 'off' the function of the info-popup is activated or deactivated.