Menu bar item Rolling Stock

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Menu bar item Rolling Stock
This page refers to version 0.98a of railVIVID®.
Therefore the content is possibly outdated.
The current version is 1.21.

Menu item bar 'Rolling Stock...'

If a railML-file containing rolling stock data is opened, the menu item 'Rolling Stock…' will be activated in the control window. By pressing the button 'Rolling Stock…' the corresponding dialogue in the control window as well as the equivalent application window will open. The selection of the desired vehicle data takes place with the help of a drop-down menu.

Selection of a vehicle in the control window

As soon as a specific vehicle has been chosen the button 'Show data' becomes sensitive. By pressing this button the desired display will be opened in the application window. More information about the functions and content of the application window 'Rolling Stock…' can be found in 'Application window Rolling Stock'.