General structure

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General structure
This page refers to version 1.04 of railVIVID®.
Therefore the content is possibly outdated.
The current version is 1.21.

General structure of the application

Please start railVIVID after the succesfull installation.

railVIVID automatically adjusts to the bigggest possible screen size. Thereby two different window types are displayed - the control window and the application window(s). The central control window will open on the left side of the screen (see Illustration - left window). With the help of this window all configuration will be made. The presentation of the different contents of the railML-file takes place in the application windows. These use the remaining part of the available screen (see Illustration - right window). The application windows for the Validator, Infrastructure, Timetable, Rolling Stock and Interlocking can be opended by selecting the corresponding tab in the control window and performing the selected settings.

Central control window and application window 'Validator' (empty)

If more than one application window is open, the most recently opended window will appear infront of the others. Hidden windows can be retrieved by selecting the corresponding tab in the menu of the control window. Moreover all display windows are accesible via the remote operation of the operation system. All windows, the control window as well as the application windows, can be placed abitrary on every screen if two or more monitors are being used. To change the position of a window, select the desired window in its window title and pull it to the desired place while holding the left mouse button. Futhermore a size adaption of the windows is also possible via mouse. The application windows can be closed and reopened whilst using the programme. Closing the control window will however cause the termination of the whole application.